Saturday, November 19, 2005

Over-Size Robert Wood Print

Last night I put up for sale an enormous, over-the-couch print by Robert Wood called "Autumn Leaves." I was a little afraid to do it. Why? Because the shipping cost is so high.

I'm selling it for someone else and she's got high hopes for getting good money. When I first researched what Robert Wood prints have sold for recently on eBay, I saw several for around $36, $43 and such. One went for $202.50 and I don't know why. By the time I took photos and found a couple big boxes and cobbled them together to fit this big print, a couple days went by.

I was horrified at the shipping costs and checked the sold items again to see if other people charged that much. They did. Phew! But the only prints listed as sold that time were small ones, normal-size ones, and they went for around $5! Scared me good.

What if I spent two days working on this thing and it wouldn't sell? It was appraised recently as worth $100, but with the shipping so high, would anyone bid more than a pittance for it?

The lady called and asked what's new, wanting to hear it had sold already. Yow! We told her we decided to say on the listing that shipping it from PA to CA would be around $60 and if the bidder was closer to PA than that, it would likely be less. And we put a reserve on it so it wouldn't go for less than the $45 she could stand to sell it for.

We listed it around 10:30 Friday night with an opening bid of $19. Two hours later it had a bid!

Now maybe the bidder was just playing. Some bidders enjoy bidding on an item with a reserve because they get to play without a chance they'll win it and have to cough up money. But this bidder bought Robert Wood lithos recently, and paid big bucks for a couple other auctions, so maybe it's a serious bid.

Stay tuned. It will be over Friday night, Nov. 25.


Hello bidders and sellers,

The purpose of this blog is to track my progress as I learn to become such a good eBay seller that I can make my living at it. I'll experiment with this and that technique and see what happens. Wanna watch?

I've been selling things on eBay for several years and I'm still selling off stuff that's lying around the house. Yes, that's a lot of stuff and the house is still full! Can you say "clutter"?! But I see a sore need to find other things to sell real quick here. I'll list the resources I find as I find them.

I'd love to know how you're doing. Please introduce yourself in the comments. Good luck to us!

Best wishes for great auctions!